BICO & Contents

BICO - Serves The Best For Professional Builders

BUILDERS-INFO CONSTRUCTION ORGANISER (BICO) is the only one unique annual (yearly) advertising publication that comes with internet exposure, to network and strengthen business linkages between your Company and professional builders involved in Malaysia's building and construction industry.

To serve the best for you and professional builders, BICO combines 5 important sections all under one cover, namely:

Section 1: Builders-Info® [served well-reference purpose]
Section 2: Planner [for monthly planning use]
Section 3: Diary [for writing of daily activities in office]
Section 4: Builders' Record [for effective management of construction project]
Section 5: Easy-Find Directory [for quick reference purpose]

Since 2002 - 2013 (12 editions), BICO has always published the most updated information on construction services and resources utilized in Malaysia's construction industry.

It has fulfilled serving as the best Daily-Reference Tool & Buying Guide for the professional builders in their daily activities.

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